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Movie Review - Discreet (2018)

Travis Mathews is probably best known for co-directing Interior. Leather Bar. (2013), a film about actor James Franco working on a project of recreating the lost footage from William Friedkin's Cruising (1980). Friedkin's film was an adaptation of the novel about a straight man who goes undercover in the gay community to expose a serial killer. This movie, written and solely directed by Mathews, can be seen as similar in certain ways. Instead of a straight man navigating a predominantly gay space, here it's the reverse. It's a gay man navigating a predominantly straight space. Instead of exposing a serial killer, here the protagonist seems hell-bent to expose the perpetrator of some other crime.

Friedkin's film and Mathews' previous work with Franco were more direct explorations of homosexuality. That exploration isn't really the case here. This movie is more of an exploration of trauma. That trauma isn't very explicitly identified. It's hinted, bu…

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