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Movie Review - The Mummy (2017)

Tom Cruise stars as a soldier in Iraq who is concerned with treasure hunting and looting antiquities left over from Mesopotamia. He gets a tip from an archaeologist and he sets off with his fellow soldier to unearth whatever possible treasure might be buried. The relationships between these three seem to be vital to this film, but, the movie starts in media res, which helps to get to the action quicker but oversteps establishing characters. The movie then proceeds with not a lot of character development. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem in any other Tom Cruise movie because normally Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, the hero, and we buy into it. Here, Cruise is not simply the outright good guy or bad-ass, so assumptions about him as an action star are inherently wrong, but the movie never really allow us the space or time to break from those assumptions. We're just launched into this movie with very little setup.

Unfortunately, this movie is no better or no more fun than the movi…

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