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TV Review - Scandal: The Final Season / How To Get Away With Murder: Season 4

Recently, the TV series Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder did crossover episodes. It's notable because both shows are produced by Shonda Rhimes, probably the most powerful, African-American, female producer working in television today. Her company, known as Shondaland, oversees several programs on ABC. Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder are special in that both revolve around powerful, African-American female characters. The crossover episodes provided the opportunity to bring those two powerful, black women together. Given all the conversations about Black Panther, these episodes underline the idea of black excellence but not in a comic book, science-fiction or fantastical way. It also underlines that you don't need murder and mayhem or even action and adventure to deliver great drama. The episodes are about a Supreme Court case, what's involved to get one heard and what it takes to argue one, which might sound boring on paper but delivered so well in these tw…

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