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TV Review - Chris Rock: Tamborine

Before going into this stand-up special, there were already two controversies surrounding it.

Chris Rock is 53 as of February 7. A good chunk of his stand-up act is about him being divorced and having two children. His jokes and commentary on child rearing do seem a little tone deaf, but his jokes on topical subjects usually are on point. The first strike though comes from a joke Rock makes about Black Lives Matter and saying cops might want to shoot white kids as to make it look unbiased. Rock made this special probably months ago, so he had no idea that it would be released the same week and in fact the same day as the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 where most of the victims were white.

For people to connect Rock's joke to the shooting and apply some kind of malice is highly unfair. Yes, they both happened on the same day, but Rock was making a point about Black Lives Matter, which is a far and separate thing from a mass shooting by a…

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