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Best Movies of 2017

The biggest story this year in Hollywood was the Harvey Weinstein scandal in which the film-producer was accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape by more than 80 women over the course of 30 years. Weinstein managed to cover-up these accusations for a long time until journalists at The New York Times, as well as reporting by Ronan Farrow finally ended Weinstein's horrific reign. Since then, a social media campaign called #MeToo sprung up, which allowed women all over the country to share their stories about either sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape.

As a result, a long string of other powerful and well-known men in Hollywood have been accused and subsequently held responsible. One of the most prominent was Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey who was accused a couple of weeks after the Weinstein story broke of inappropriate sexual conduct with an underage boy. More accusations like that arose, which caused Spacey to lose his job both in Netflix's House of Cards and bei…

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