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TV Review - Stranger Things: Season 2

Because Netflix doesn't reveal data about who is watching its shows and how many are watching, it's difficult to know which shows are successful and which aren't. Nielsen ratings have been traditionally the metric for the broadcast and cable networks, but, for five years or so, analysts, media critics and even people in the industry have been in the dark when it comes to Netflix's business. Based on coverage and traffic on the Internet to that coverage, it's been somewhat easy to guess what's a hit and what's not, but it's never truly been concrete. All that ends with this current TV show. A week or so after the premiere of this season on October 27, Nielsen reported numbers that give a clearer picture of how much of a hit this series is. Nielsen said 15 million watched the first episode of the second season and each episode after averaged about 4 million.

Yet, even before these numbers, people knew how much of a success this show was due to all the aw…

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