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Kyler Pettis & Lamon Archey Shirtless on 'Days of Our Lives' Along with Jordi Vilasuso & Christopher Sean

Kyler Pettis is the sexy 24-year-old actor who stars as autistic, college student Theo Carver on Days of Our Lives. I made note of how hot he was in his first shirtless scene on the show back in February. That was under a different writing regime. Now, Ron Carlivati is the head writer for the show and is finding fun ways to show off Pettis' assets. This past week, on August 16, Theo and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Claire, played by Olivia Rose Keegan, were planning a fun day in the sun by the lake with suntanning and swimming, which of course gave us ample opportunity to check out Keegan in a bikini and Pettis in tight, red swim trunks, showing off his trim waist and huge pecs, as well as perfect skin.

It has to be noted though that Days of Our Lives is now perhaps the daytime drama with the sexiest cast in terms of men of color. Back in the day, The Young and the Restless was the go-to soap opera for sexy black men. This was of course back during the days of Shemar Moore …

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